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Why did you get Wrinkles and your friend didn't?

Posted by New Face Laser & Cosmetic Clinic on 19-Aug-2017 10:17:50

Wrinkles are a natural effect of getting older, but their severity varies from person to person. You walk into a drug store and there at least a dozen different skin care products that promise the same effect, but are any of the promises satisfying enough to make you use those products? Humans are conscious, especially about their skin. No one wants to settle for anything less than the best for their skin care needs.

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Topics: Wrinkles

Separating Myths from Facts about Laser Treatments

Posted by New Face Laser & Cosmetic Clinic on 16-Jul-2017 02:22:48
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Topics: Laser Hair Removal

4 Simple Ways to Have a Gorgeous Skin this Winter

Posted by New Face Laser & Cosmetic Clinic on 31-May-2017 18:28:15


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Topics: Winter Skin Tips, Winter Specials

Mother's Day Special Post Pregnancy Skin Care Guide

Posted by New Face Laser & Cosmetic Clinic on 11-May-2017 13:48:17

Giving birth is the most beautiful natural process that opens up a whole new dimension for mothers filled with love, joy, and commitments.

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Topics: Mother's Day

Get Your Skin Holiday-Ready with our Special Easter Laser Hair Removal Offer

Posted by New Face Laser & Cosmetic Clinic on 06-Apr-2017 21:19:52

As the leaves start falling, as the days get shorter, and as the nights get colder; they're actually screaming out that it's Easter time.

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Topics: Laser Hair Removal, Easter Specials Offer

#BeBoldforaChange - Get Rid of Stretch Marks this Women's Day!

Posted by New Face Laser & Cosmetic Clinic on 06-Mar-2017 15:15:13


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Topics: Stretch Marks, Women's Day

Special Valentine's Day Gift for Women - Laser Hair Removal Clinic Auckland

Posted by New Face Laser & Cosmetic Clinic on 13-Feb-2017 10:28:41


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Topics: Laser Hair Removal

How To Achieve Selfie Freedom with Acne Scar Treatment

Posted by New Face Laser & Cosmetic Clinic on 26-Dec-2016 17:15:51

It’s true, as a society we are becoming more and more obsessed with selfies. Never before have we spent so much time and effort trying to capture the perfect picture. However, we are not all perfect, we all have our own “faults” that we try to hide or cover up. But our “faults” are what make us unique. Research shows that acne scarring can have a significant impact on a person’s confidence and self esteem.

If you suffer from acne scarring, you may find yourself shying away from photos. If the look of your scars resulting from acne is impacting the way you feel and how you want to live your life, you could consider Sublative acne scar treatment in Auckland with the eTwo medical device. In this article we explain this leading technology and how acne is linked to acne scars forming.

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Topics: Acne Scar Treatment

Why Did You Get Stretch Marks and Your Friends Didn’t?

Posted by New Face Laser & Cosmetic Clinic on 20-Nov-2016 23:14:42

Have you wondered why you got stretch marks and your friends got through pregnancy stretch mark free? There are six key reasons why people get stretch marks with pregnancy being the leading cause. Up to 80% of women experience these thin purple or red lines at some point during their lives.

In this article, we discuss why people get stretch marks, why some people get them and others don’t and what you can do to improve the appearance of them.

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Topics: Stretch Marks

What If Laser Hair Removal Cost Nothing…

Posted by New Face Laser & Cosmetic Clinic on 02-Nov-2016 22:01:04

When it comes to the important things in life, we like to try before we buy, right ladies? Like test driving a new car, trying on a new dress or testing that new shade of lipstick. But when it comes to beauty treatments, it can be a bit trickier. For example, when trying out a new hairdresser, there’s no trying before you buy, once you start there’s no turning back, you’re in boots and all. The same usually applies to laser hair removal, until now.

The team at New Face Laser & Cosmetic Clinic in Ponsonby are so confident in their laser hair removal technology and service quality that they are offering one free underarms session so you can experience their difference, before you buy. In this article, we explain the difference between the leading technology versus the inferior and painful IPL and VPL.

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